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(the) heebie jeebies – noun, plural:
a condition of extreme nervousness caused by fear, worry, strain, etc.; a.k.a. the jitters, the willies

Heebie Jeebies™ is a fast flowing party game that provides hours of fun and laughter. Find out what really makes your friends twitch, shiver and cringe. Be warned, however: it’s a two-way street, and they will learn the same things about you!

In this game one player starts as the Subject. The other players analyze and guess which one of four cards gives the Subject the Heebie Jeebies.  If the players guess correctly they get a point. Then the next person becomes the Subject and a new round begins.

Laughter, shivers, and faces you didn’t realize you could make will be followed by more laughter as you play through the cards and explore your friends’ psyches as well as your own.

Heebie Jeebies™… the game that makes the uncomfortable hilarious!

  • Ages 14 and Up
  • 3–10 Players
  • 5 Minutes to Learn
    20–30 Minutes per Game

Game comes with:

  • 260 Heebie Jeebies™ Cards
  • 40 Voting Cards
  • 100 Point Tokens
  • Playing Board
  • Quick Play Rules